In 2010, FOP partnered with ORE to expand their project to Adigrat, Ethiopia, a town about 2 hours drive NE of Mekele. The project started with 50 orphans and half-orphans or at-risk families and is now serving 60 children.  Children come for either half-day or lunch-time programming which includes showering facilities, a computer lab, library, tutoring in English and math, a hot lunch, and daily devotional lessons.  FOP pairs each child with a U.S. sponsor who sends letters and photos and receives bi-annual photos and video updates on their child.
     Click here to go to our donate page and sign up to sponsor a child at $40 monthly.

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FOP volunteers travel each year to deliver materials and letters from sponsors.  It is a joy to see the children grown from year to year and to share in their successes and encourage them in their struggles.  Please consider joining us in sponsorship!
Benefits of FOP sponsorship include:
  • Compound providing tutoring, spiritual devotions, hot lunch, hygiene program, and computer lab open Monday to Saturday for children (more than just a once a month program like many sponsorship projects)
  • Social worker visits the children’s homes once a month to check with parent or caregiver about the child’s progress
  • Medical care, school uniforms, school fees, and clothing provided to all enrolled children
               Click here to go to our donate page and sign up to sponsor a child at $40 monthly.

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