In 2007, FOP entered into an agreement with Operation Rescue, a local non-governmental organization (NGO) in Mekele, Ethiopia to provide funding to expand their existing cell family home concept into homes for orphans and half-orphans in need of full-time care.  A new facility was rented that would provide housing for up to 18 children ages 0-20.

Operation Rescue 121Over the past 10 years, additional homes were added to provide housing for older girls, older boys, visually impaired females, and HIV positive children.  Currently, as children have been placed in permanent adoptive homes (FOP no longer has a role in adoptions since the Tigray Region has eliminated this option for orphans) and others have completed their education, the number of children in care has dwindled to approximately 20.  Two homeHPIM0033s are currently rented which provide housing for these children.  Each child has a sponsor in the U.S. who provides $50 per month to fund their care in the home and encourage them as they seek to complete their education and develop skills to live independently.  FOP plays a huge role in the lives of these children by providing encouragement, capacity building to local NGO staff working with the children, clothing and material donations, and funding to underwrite their full time care.

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