Orphan Outreach

Since it's inception, FOP has believed that partnering with local, indigenous NGO's who are already on the ground and staffed by Ethiopians is the best strategy for effective ministry.  By providing funds and support, we can enable the Ethiopian staff to do their jobs more effectively and to minister in the proper cultural context.  Rather than simply sending funds, FOP ensures program effectiveness and fiscal accountability by making bi-annual visits.  We maintain regular contact with the NGO staff, gather updates on the children and sponsored students, and give direction about various aspects of program management.  We feel completely blessed to be in partnership with Operation Rescue Ethiopia (ORE), a local NGO based in Mekelle.  Over the past 7 years, we have had the privilege of observing their financial accountability, sound management principles and genuine heart of love for the children they serve.  We choose to partner with NGO's who have a Kingdom-focus and are ministering holistically to children and families. 

Operation Rescue (ORE) focuses its energy on ministering holistically to around 200 full and half-orphans in Mekelle.  These children attend a half-day program provided by ORE which includes a hot lunch, daily devotions tutoring, English classes, computer training, a library, and a recreation program.  ORE also offers a hygiene program with showers twice a week, and social workers who visit each child monthly to ensure the kids are respecting the house rules, attending school, and that the children are benefiting from the program.  The children are well-loved in this program, and this can be clearly seen when you meet them and have the privilege of spending some time at the ORE compound!

In 2007, FOP partnered with ORE to fund "HOUSES OF PROMISE”.  It is our hope that churches and individuals cross the US will begin adopting homes all over Tigray to supplement the work on the ground that Christian workers, pastors, and Kingdom-focused NGO's are already doing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet real needs.   

Fields of Promise (FOP) is a registered 501c3 non-profit